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Baby Geese (Goslings) are a definite asset to any farm or estate.  Showing regal beauty, they love to eat lots and lots of grass.  Their eggs are delicious and their meat is succulent and juicy.  Minimum order shipped is 8 Goslings.  Be sure to order early, as the season on Goslings usually runs March or April through June or July, depending on the weather.  Be sure to add postage and handling charges to your gosling order, as per below.

Pilgrim Goslings

This goose can be sexed at any time, even right after hatching, by their color. Males are white, females are grey. This is a medium-sized goose that is a great meat goose, yet is excellent for weeding. These geese have a very tame disposition and are not as aggressive as most other geese. They are great around children as they are very tame and make great pets.

Pilgrims are good layers and their eggs hatch well. They make great mothers, and the older geese even help to protect the newly-hatched babies. No other breed of goose has the very friendly, docile disposition of Pilgrims.

No guarantee as to numbers of males and/or females sent, but we do guarantee that you will get both sexes. They are shipped as nature provides.

Day Old Only. $29.95 per gosling
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